DJ SKINNY upgrades to the latest portable LINE ARRAY technology!

What is line array technology?

Articulated line array technology functions in a different way to traditional ‘disco speaker’ sound reinforcement.

Traditional medium to high level sound reinforcement speakers rely on one large speaker to provide as much sound power as possible.

Articulated line array technology relies on many, smaller , identical speakers to reinforce each other thus harnessing many scientific advantages.


Advantages of Line array:
  • Many smaller speakers in perfect synchronicity create a sound that carries much further than a traditional speaker.
  • Many smaller speakers distribute the sound far more evenly and over a wider coverage area making a line array sound much bigger than its rated power.
  • All sound in the room comes from a  single array system with all sound projected horizontally, thus interference from multiple speakers and poor room acoustics is almost eliminated. This results in a consistently higher definition sound than traditional speaker setups.


What does this huge investment mean for potential clients?


1.    DJ SKINNY now boasts some of the best quality sound available to small and medium sized functions (1 – 500 guests).

2.    Sound upgrades from 120 – 300 guests are 30% cheaper.

3.    Sound upgrades for crowds from 300 – 500 are 15% cheaper.

4.    Discomfort for guests situated near the speaker is greatly reduced.

5.    The single array system’s small profile means more room for guests, less cabling and less speakers in function photographs.  


About Line Array Technology




Krazy Karaoke

Krazy Karaoke – Fun for the whole family
Ever wondered what to do for your 8 – 13 year olds birthday party but been clueless about where to start? Do you want something that is new, so exciting and completely revolutionary that it will make your child and their party the ‘talk of the town’ for weeks afterwards?
Krazy karaoke is here.
Using awesome light shows, computer generated graphics and professional microphones your child and their friends become the stars of the night, singing and dancing their way to their own recorded CD!
The evening is filled with fun for the whole family as moms and dads won’t be able to resist singing and dancing to a few ‘hits’ of their own .

DJ’ing (DJ Skinny provides equipment)

Traditional DJ services where the music and mixing make the party! These days functions are often a melting pot of cultures – hire the DJ who can mix seamlessly for all of them. All required sound equipment comes supplied and set up.

DJ’ing (Event organiser provides equipment)

The same DJ service mentioned above, but the required equipment is supplied by the venue – making the price quoted considerably lower. Please note that all service and equipment related guarantees are voided when choosing this option.


DJ Skinny can host your function, fashion show,  lucky draw or simply guide your guests smoothly through your big day.

Promotions & Marketing

If you are looking for new, efficient and cutting edge ways to market your product or business – DJ Skinny is your secret weapon. A DJ controls an entire club, pub and wherever his sound is audible. Whether you need to generate awareness and sales of a new alcoholic beverage, sell a product or get customers to your shop - think DJ Skinny.

Karaoke / Virtual DJ’ing

See the latest technology and entertainment in all its glory. A fun filled evening of karaoke mixed seamlessly with stunning visual effects and traditional djing will keep your customers or guests mesmerised into the early hours of the morning.

Disco Equipment Rental

Are you an aspiring Dj? Prefer to do it yourself? Looking for a more economical option for a small (20 – 80 ppl) function? If you have your own music collection and PC, you can rent a 600w rms disco\PA system with 15 inch speakers and keep your budget as low as possible. Disco lighting and effects are also available. Please note that this service does not include delivery and setup fees. 

Corporate PA & presentations

If you need a PA system and microphone or a digital projector for that all important meeting , you can choose to rent the equipment or have it delivered and set up by an experienced technician.

Public events & charity sponsorships

 Whether you are a charity planning your next fundraiser or an event co-ordinator planning a public money-spinner , contact DJ Skinny to see how you can best work together to maximise profitability and minimise expenses.

Backup to other live performances

DJ Skinny is perfect for filling the gaps in between the ‘sets’ of a live performance or providing sound equipment and support to other performing artists. 

Joint ventures

If you have a business idea or a novel way of working together – Contact DJ Skinny and see what he can do to contribute. 

Supplier Recommendations

With 13 years experience in the entertainment industry DJ Skinny can direct you to a group of trusted , reliable and professional suppliers , all of whom have worked with him over the years. 


DJ SKINNY and the infamous train shot.

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