Terms and conditions of service

  1. A  deposit is required for a function to be formally booked.
  2. All deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in writing.
  3. 'DJ SKINNY’ operates on a “no pay – no play” basis. Payment is to be received in full 24hrs before the day of the booked function.
  4. Any quote allows for 1 free site inspection or face-to-face meeting within 15km of Little Falls ; Roodepoort. Any additional meetings or meetings outside this area will be charged at R150 and R2 per kilometre travelled.
  5. Quotes are issued based on information given by the client/ person responsible for the payment of the account. Should the requirements of the function change/ be incorrect, the quote issued will no longer be valid.
  6. Changes in the function information / requirements should be communicated to ‘DJ SKINNY’ in writing, immediately and at least 10 working days prior to the booked function date.
  7. The person booking the function arrangements with ‘DJ SKINNY’ will be held financially liable for any losses sustained due to a lack of service (direct and indirect) or claims that arise due to the above-mentioned poor, last-minute or lack of communication.
  8. Relaxation of these terms, whether verbally or in writing, stated or implied, in no way is to be interpreted as a waivering of the right to exercise them. Should it be deemed necessary they will be strictly enforced.
  9. Should the circumstances at your function result in a situation which would be deemed unsafe by a reasonable person – this includes but is not limited to lack of security, danger to a staff member or equipment, aggression from guests/patrons, unreasonable demands or disorderly behaviour – “DJ SKINNY” reserves the right to cancel all services without notice and will not be liable for any penalties suffered as a result of such a cancellation.


Explanation of terms, conditions and exclusions.


  1. A booked and confirmed function is regarded as a function that has been logged via an official ‘DJ SKINNY’ function booking form and where the quoted price of the function has been fully paid and received , as per DJ SKINNY’s “No pay – No play” policy. (IE: a function where the necessary paperwork is incomplete and/or payment is outstanding is not covered.)
  2. The definition of ‘adequate’ when referring to the operation of a sound system , for the purposes of this contract, is defined as the point at which the said sound system can produce enough volume and with enough clarity so that a human voice can be intelligible at a distance of 30 meters .
  3. This contract refers to DJ SKINNY and his equipment only – the contract does not cover sub-contractors unless otherwise stated in writing.
  4. These guarantees are limited to forces under direct control of DJ SKINNY himself, namely his equipment and his person. Should delays / failures be caused by acts of God, external contractors or other services (such as the provision of a reliable electricity supply by Eskom ), all guarantees are null and void.
  5. All penalty payments due to a client may take up to 14 working days to be deposited into their account.
  7. Music selection / availability: Due to the varying opinions on music and what is considered as ‘good music’, DJing style, music selection / choice and music availability are not covered in any way.
  8. Microphones: Microphones are not covered in terms of volume or sound intelligibility due to the flexible way in which they are used. (eg: Speakers/ MC’s may not hold the microphone incorrectly or move out of effective wireless transmitter range thus resulting in poor quality signal )
  9. Extra time / last minute requests: Where a client has requested extra time (usually on the night of the function) over and above the time that was booked on the function booking form, money back guarantees do not apply to the additional time. Where a client has made a request or changed the function details and failed to inform DJ SKINNY in writing at least 10 working days before the booked function – guarantees on the deviations from the booking form are not covered.


Money Back Service Contract.


This contract entitles the client (as the person responsible for payment of the account) to the following benefits when making use of the services of DJ SKINNY. (These benefits are definitive and cover should not be generalised to any other circumstances or sub-contractors.)

  1. Should DJ SKINNY fail to arrive and provide sound (If required) at a booked and confirmed function, the client will receive an amount equal to 150% of the total DJ Fee as paid to DJ SKINNY.
  2. Should DJ SKINNY fail to provide a pre-booked service (Made as per the official booking form) then the client is entitled to a refund totalling 150% of the value of the specified service. (ie: if a client is quoted and pays R100 for use of a second microphone and the microphone was specified in the function booking form, then the client will receive R150 should the second microphone not be available on the day of the function).
  3. Should the music / PA system stop working adequately for more than 10 minutes during a booked and fully paid function, with the cause of the failure being under the direct control of DJ SKINNY, the client will be entitled to a refund equal to 50% of the functions booked value.
  4. Should the music / PA system stop working adequately for more than 20 minutes during a booked and fully paid function, with the cause of the failure being under the direct control of DJ SKINNY, the client will be entitled to a refund equal to 100% of the functions value (as per quote) and DJ SKINNY will continue to DJ / provide his service for the remaining balance of the function should he manage to repair the sound system on site after the above 20 minutes has elapsed.

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